Valentine Giveaway No.2 !

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To spread some more love out there I’ve decided to do a VALENTINE GIVEAWAY this whole week until next tuesday (Feb. 11)!

Starting yesterday, I’m making an original valentine artwork (5”x 5”) each day and posting it to my Tumblr.
Just reblog this tumblr post and I will randomly pick a winner at 10pm (CST) tomorrow. (I changed the time for this one because of my schedule :P)

Each winner will receive:
-the original valentine drawing of the day
-a love-themed haiku poem by me
-some candy

Pease don’t forget to keep your “ask me” open…the winner has dibs for 24 hrs…after that I am selecting a new person at random if I don’t hear back from the first selection!!
Everyday is a new Valentine! ;)
Wishing you tons of love n happiness!


Hey peeps and lovers!
To spread some more love out there I've decided to do a VALENTINE GIVEAWAY this whole week until next tuesday (Feb. 11)!
Starting today, I will make an original valentine artwork (5"x 5") each day and post it to my Tumblr.
Just reblog the tumblr post of the valentine of the day (starting with this one!!) and I will randomly pick a winner at 7am (CST) the following day.

Each winner will receive:
-the original valentine drawing of the day
-a haiku poem by me
-some candiesss

Wishing you lots of love n happiness!

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SNAG @ the Cobalt, Vancouver Jan. 29

Since I was in Vancouver for a visit, Drew Young asked me to do SNAG last week with a group of artists including the awesome Katie So (who had just recently been feature on
It was kind of crazy to do this the last night of my visit to Vancouver (I was waayyyy tired and groggy) But it was so nice to hand off my finished piece to the lovely lucky Lucy who won it! (horse theme for chinese new year :P)

(photo by Lucy)

Last penpal trade of 2013 Seoul // Chicago!!!! Happy 2014~

Heui and I decided to choose a poem and illustrate it for our last drawing swap of the year 2013

I just received Heui's AMAZING illustration in the mail a few days ago, set to Korean poet Yoon Dong-Ju 's poem:


Let me have no shame
Under the heaven
Till I die

Even the sound of wind
Passing the leaves
Pained my heart
With a heart singing stars
I will love all dying things
And I must step my path
That's been given to me

Tonight also

The wind sweeps past among the stars

Heui's illo is a beautiful vision of a beautiful poem :)

 I chose a poem by Russian poet Anna Akhmatova:

Your lynx-eyes, Asia,
spy on my discontent;
they lure into the light
my buried self,
something the silence spawned,
no more to be endured
than the noon sun in Termez.
Pre-memory floods the mind
like molten lava on the sands...
as if I were drinking my own tears
from the cupped palms of a stranger's hands.
   -- 1945
I tried out painting on this thin sheet of birch wood

We both wrote our translated poems on the back of the artwork! (and they both seemed to be very emotional poems...ahaha)

2nd penpal drawing between Seoul // Chicago!

Heui and I both got each other's second assignments in the mail!

This theme was a portrait of our grandmothers. I think our relationship with our grandmother comes out through the way we approached the renditions.

Heui's grandma:

my grandma (I called her "婆婆" (po-po)):
She taught me how to fold origami and she used to make 饅頭 (mantou) or chinese steamed buns/bread a lot.

A Metra ride to see the Viper and His Famous Orchestra

and a bunch of sketches along the way! Last night's venture to a downtown show.

On the metra ride to downtown.. 

 at the venue:

these sketches began to become a little inebriated towards the end...looks like the start of an ink-only sketchbook. My friend's husband was playing in the band so I ended up making weird portraits of all the members. yei!

Michel Gondry's New film + New Facebook Page!

Last night my friend and I watched Michel Gondry's new film "Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?", an animated documentary starring Noam Chomsky.
As I haven't been following the world of independent film/animation for a while, I actually first found out about this from Tuesday's edition of Democracy Now!

Trailer on youtube and Michel Gondry's website:

I find both Gondry and Chomsky equally mind-blowing inspirational figures and this film was especially a delight for me to watch since it's two geniuses from two fields I feel - in my personal experience ahem :) - are so alike and bridgeable though they are often perceived as polar opposites. Gondry vs. Chomsky or Art vs. Science. You have to see this one if you are a total art/science geek/nerd whatever. It's for everyone really. Ok if you're at least a human you must watch it! Even if you're a robot it's awesome too!!

Also new: You can find regular updates on my facebook page now!

Edel Rodriguez at Curly Tale Fine Art "Dystopia" Opening

(I yoinked this photo from Mr. Rodriguez's fb post about the event)

Friday I had the honor of meeting Edel Rodriguez and friends at his "Dystopia" opening at Chicago's Curly Tale Fine Art gallery. Mr. Rodriguez is a Cuban American artist from New York who has garnered tons of awards and bling (I mean medals) and has been exhibited and collected by awesome and cool places like the Smithsonian Institute! If that's not enough to convince you to check out his work, then you should go just because I said so (because I am ruler of this blog post)!

I also found out he was in Vancouver at Emily Carr (!!), my old stomping grounds, to give a talk about his work for the Vancouver Opera. (For some of his own reporting on this visit you can read them at his blogpost.)

You can peep some of the artwork he has on display at the gallery in his blogpost . Or you can just go to the gallery in person and experience the brilliant pieces in 3D!!  The show runs through December 30th.

Patriarchy won Best FX at Vancouver Short Film Festival

[film still from 'Patriarchy']

So proud of being a part of the team at SmallAxx and working with such passionate, crazy, and talented peeps! Director Karen Chapman presented our short "Patriarchy", a visual treatment of Toronto poet and spoken word artist Travis Blackman. I just found out we won the award for Best Visual Effects for this project!

unhatching a new Penpal project..

My friend Heuiwon and I are starting a penpal (or maybe it's more like a paintpal) project! We still need to iron out the details but here's a look at our first project. We painted each other's portraits and then snail-mailed them to each other! We just received each other's pieces in the mail - now it's time to find a nice frame :D

Hoping to build this into an ongoing project so will post some updates on it as it develops :)

 Heui's portrait of me with cute cat ears ^_^
 a close up

Cats were surprisingly the theme since I also added Heui's cat, Haru, to her portrait: