Back from a visit to Shanghai and Seoul + BLOOM kokeshi auction + old illos

The last two weeks I took a break from Vancity to visit Shanghai and Seoul and now I'm back! It was a really awesome and fun experience. I've been to Shanghai before a few years back and was excited to see how it's changed and of course to check out the local arts and culture scene. Sadly I wasn't able to stay for very long in Shanghai, but I got to explore Seoul for the first time and meet up with some very dear and old ECU friends! I have to say it is so much cheaper to party there compared to Vancouver...I actually got a little sick from staying out too late in Pusan, a reminder to never try to out-drink a Korean friend...ehehe. Anyways! - though I wasn't able to make many drawings as I had hoped, I did take lots of photos...more to come when I get all the film developed and scanned O_O I will probably post them on flickr. A sneak peek below... 


(Those leftists!!)


(you can tell it was all about da food)

ALSO, last thursday evening Nikkei Museum held their BLOOM fundraising art auction. I got to hang out with my fellow artists and awesomely cool buddies Jody Kramer (of Juki Museum) and Jeff Chiba Stearns (of Meditation Bunny Studios) 

Some photos from the show:

(my doll hangin' out with Jenn Brisson and Brendan Tang's masterpieces!)

(and some old illos for CAP!)

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